­The Circeo National Park

This park takes in the Circeo Promontory, with its mysterious caves so rich in history, a public forest, intact natural reserves, four coastal lakes, seashore dunes, a seaboard zone considered of extreme interest by the international scientific community, and one of the Pontine Islands, Zannone. The park also takes in the cities of Sabaudia and San Felice Circeo, as well as part of the territory of Latina. The Circeo National Park has a great deal to offer to visitors. Besides its nature, the marvellous scenery and the flora and fauna, the park has other kinds of attractions: paleontology (in one of the many fascinating prehistoric marine grottoes lying around the promontory, researchers have found the remains of a Neanderthal Man’s skull), archeology (the ruins of the grandiose Villa di Domiziano, between the forest and the Lago di Paola, and the grotto with the so-called Fonte di Lucullo spring), and history (the 16th Century sentinel towers). A road runs around the dune and another one goes to the top of the Circeo Promontory, making it possible to visit the park by car. For those who prefer to enjoy a closer, in-depth look of the natural scenery of the park and practise bird-watching, there is a good system of paths and cycling tracks.

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