Sun, sea, and… sport

Italy is a sun-drenched country as our Riviera will prove to you. The climate of our coast is particularly mild thanks to the nearby Ausoni and Aurunci mountains which naturally shelter and protect our coastline from the cold air currents. This alone makes it possible for people to enjoy the sea for several months a year with sunbaths, sandbaths, pleasant walks and swims in waters which are always mild. In Summer, when the Westerly winds turn Northwesterly, this coastline offers optimal sailing opportunities, for both windsurfing and kitesurfing. Our coast is in fact very popular with the Roman and Neapolitan devotees of such activities, who are able to practise these sports both in Summer and in Winter. At times we also have good waves enabling the kitesurfers, windsurfers and boardriders exciting jumps and excellent surfing. The scene is then filled with the many colours of the sails and with the spectacular, acrobatic moves of them all.

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